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hi i sent fanatec an email today.. about them not responding to emails and my order says june 5th and no movement.. a little while later i log in to see staus and it has a red box amd says in progress and has a cancelation notice on the bottom.. so because i email them they cancel my order.. highly disappointed.. as this was my bday present.. now im out in the cold with no racing setup..can someone help me out


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    They would not cancel your order for simply emailing them unless you either requested a cancellation or other issues at hand. Have you received an update on your order status? If not, send an email to the sales team .

  • No update yet.. and yes i sent 2 more emails since cancellation.. just asking for clarity..

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    You will receive an update, It's taking longer than usual with everything going on.

  • This is what its showing on bottom of order.. its exactly what i put in my email to them.. asked them for information.. than i went from order in process with a blue box and stuff under my products to red box in progress and still having items under my products to now nothing in my products and stuff pushed back to july.. all had june 5th except 2.5 which had no date.. now where it says order status its just blank.. im hopin an admin or mod will see my thread and gove me.clarity.. order number 1088859

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    I am a mod, however only the sales team can update you on the order status. Looks like the email was sent June 5th. Minus the weekend it is normal you haven't received a response with the current limitations. Where you charged for the pre order?

  • Everything is working itself out.. just wanted to update.. so this threqd can be closed

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