PC and Game wheel calibrator recognize wheel base, but doesnt work in Game


My Podium DD1 for PS4 doesnt work completely at PC game(Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizone, iRacing), even though controller property recognize the base.

This happened when I rebooted PC after one week.

PS5 game, wheel base worked...

Do you have any idea?


  • Might be because you driver is ancient old.

    Update the driver (latest is 443) and firmware and see if that already fixes anything.

  • Finally I got the wheel base worked.

    It looks like two reason.

    First, Assetto Corsa doesn't receive "Podium DD1" mode signal suddenly.

    I changed to "CSW compatible" mode, it worked.

    Second, I updated wheel driver version.

    Thank you for all your advise.

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