Fanatec Podium DD1 Die after lose car control

After a crash where I was involved, the steering wheel started to turn very fast from right to left for several times around 1 second, immediately it lost the connection with the computer and it turned off. At the moment I thought it was normal, in order to avoid injuries or like equipment protection, so I closed the game (Assetto Corsa), and I tried to turn on the wheel base again, but it never turn on anymore.

I did notice than the steering wheel still had a little force, like it have forcefeedback, but the wheel base was turn off, so I disconnected the power supply cable and USB cable, but the problem remained.

So I taked off the steering wheel from the wheel base, I checked again turning the shaft by hand, but it still had a hard turning, normally it was very soft.

I connected the power supply cable again to the wheel base, but when the connector entered to the supply plug in the wheel base, a spark came out, so I taken out immediately the power supply. I checked the power supply cable and the wheel base power plug, and them had a fried pin after the spark.

I taked off the DD1 wheel base from the cockpit, I repeated the procedure in other place, but a second spark came out when I tried to connect the wheel base to the power supply.

The wheel base is just 1 year old, and I'm 36 years old, so the use than it have is occasional (less than 3h per week).

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