DD1 Sensitive on AUTO but defaults to 540 after I exit WRC sims

This has been happening for a long time and I asked about this before, never was able to resolve. I see someone else asked about it too and no one replied to that person. Hoping we can resolve this. It's been months since I've been sim racing so I sort of curbed the issue until now.

I keep my settings on AUTO for sensitivity so the sims can determine what is best. Every time I leave WRC 9 the wheel is locked to 540 degrees even though I have it on AUTO. I have power cycled the wheel base, my PC, everything and it still does this. What is the issue here? I noticed this right away when I go from WRC 9 to iRacing as the steering is way to short.

I'm not using any beta firmware. I'm on current official firmware for my DD1 and steering wheel.


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    That's an issue which is currently under investigation where the Driver seems to re-send the previous SEN commands from the previous game when starting a game with SEN AUTO afterwards.

    When the AUTO SEN got screwed up like this you have to reinstall the driver to get it working again correctly.

    In the meantime until the issue is fixed you should avoid using SEN AUTO. Use SEN 1080 instead.

  • I don't think it's a problem, but normalcy.

    The SEN value on the wheel MUST be the same as the one set on the game. If the game does NOT support automatic rotation in its configuration menu, you will not be able to use SEN=auto on the wheel. But you will have to use the value set on the game.

    Of the games I currently use only Raceroom and AMS support automatic menu rotation. ACC, AC, AMS2, Dirt Rally 2.0 and RF2, need degrees of rotation or calibration.

    The misunderstanding arises from the fact that by default, when you turn on the PC, the SEN=auto mode sets the rotation of the steering wheel to 1080°.

    This can allow games, such as ACC or AMS2, to run seemingly fine if they themselves are set to 1080°. But it is a coincidence due to the fact that no game has yet changed the rotation of the steering wheel. As soon as you change your game or car, SEN=auto memorizes the new rotation for the steering wheel, and the synchronism is lost.

    Obviously iRacing does not use an automatic recognition mode of the steering wheel rotation and needs to set a value or to make a calibration in its options menu. This value must also be set on the steering wheel. I think 1080 is the right value to set.

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    iRacing does support the SEN AUTO and it's definitely not normalcy that it gets stuck in the last used SEN of a previous game - this is a current Driver issue it seems.

    When using SEN AUTO in game DOR should ALWAYS be 1080 to let SEN AUTO work properly. That's not a coincidence but exactly how SEN AUTO works (or should work).

    The current behaviour is this: SEN AUTO value of the last game is saved and set even after a restart of the entire system. Driver doesn't adjust its SEN to the AUTO value.

    And the correct behaviour of SEN AUTO would be this: SEN AUTO should be set to 1080 unless a game is active and sends a command to change it. Driver has the same SEN as the base.

    And btw.. AC, ACC and AMS2 for sure all support SEN AUTO as well and do not need a special degrees of Rotation.

  • I can assure you, only in my case, that SEN = auto on ACC, AC and AMS2 never worked as you say. I own CSL DD since October 2021, so with 434 drivers. I have installed 436, 437, 439, 440 and 442, and nothing has ever changed.

    ACC and AC menus have 1080 setting, and I don't think they have auto setting. AMS 2 needs calibration and 1080 ° gauge.

    With all these games I have to set SEN = 1080, otherwise I don't have the real steering degrees.

    AMS and RRRE have AUTO mode in their settings, and if I use SEN = auto everything works perfectly. Conversely, with these 2 games, if I use SEN = 1080 all cars will have an unrealistic 1080 ° rotation.

    Looking at the settings recommended by Fanatec I notice that Raceroom and AMS recommend SEN = auto, while ACC and iracing SEN = 1080.

    The only AMS2 anomaly that recommends SEN = auto but in my case it doesn't work. But I use PC mode, not compatibility mode as Fanatec recommends.

    This is my experience to date.

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    When using SEN AUTO and in game 1080 it is exactly the same as when using SEN 1080 and in game 1080.

    Therefore it is also NOT normalcy that after exiting WRC9 and starting iRacing the SEN AUTO is screwed up and acting as 540. It should act as 1080! So that's a Bug.

    Only thing in ACC which does not work with SEN AUTO is the Soft Lock because the game does not have that feature implemented. To get proper Soft Lock you would need to set SEN to 540 for a car which uses a Rotation of 540 etc so you would need to set it for every car Individually. But SEN AUTO works just fine and the steering will be 100% synced when using also 1080 in the game.

    If not, then you also have the issue that an old SEN AUTO value is applied by the Driver which is, as said, an issue.

    Because of this issue I currently do not recommend anyone to use SEN AUTO.

  • Do you know when they started to review this bug? I reported this a long time ago so I'm surprised it's still a bug. Maybe my report back then was overlooked and they just recently reviewing it but, I am curious how long they've known about this. Thanks

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