New Fanatec GT Pro not working. Poor customer service model?

I purchased my setup on 7/3. I received it on 7/12 (11:53am) which is reasonable.

Unfortunately the setup would not work on PC, PS5 or X Box One X. The steering and vibration test would work in the Fanatex app. However, none of the other wheel tests would work. Other than the red light error, none of the lights or buttons work on the wheel.

I looked on the Fanatec site for a technical support number or chat feature. However, I found you have to submit a Support request and wait for someone to contact you. Since i wasn't sure how long it would take for someone to get back to me, decided to try to fix the issue myself.

Doing a lot or research, I performed the normal steps (deleting drivers, updating Control Panel devices and printers, deleting Device Manager items, turning off virus protection, reinstalling drivers w/o wheel attached, attaching wheel updating driver, using different USB ports, using different computers and many more items using YouTube and internet searches). I pretty much worked on this non-stop until 3:30am.

The next morning I sent the support request. While waiting for a reply. I spent about 6-7 more hour installing, deleting and reinstalling items.

The next morning I received an email from support. They asked me to removed the clamping ring and remove and reinstall the shaft according to the pictures attached. Issue is they did not attached the pictures. They also asked me to install driver 440. They included the steps to properly install the driver. They said if this does not work, to reply to the email. They also said it would be helpful to include a short video demonstrating the issue.

This did not work so I created a video showing the wheel tests not working in the app. I also showed GT7 not reading the wheel and the wheel not working on PC. The video (in 480p low resolution) would not go though to the Fanatec email. So i used software to reduce the size of the file to 34.5 mb. Still would not send. I know it is not my computer bc I send send attachments as long as they are under 100 mb. I kept making adjustments and trying to send. it would not send until I got the file size to under 5 mb.

In my reply, i told them the steps did not work and that I thought the issue was the wheel and asked if i could have one overnighted to me to see if that was the problem. My email reply was sent on Thursday 9:04am.

I received an reply the next day (over 24 hours later) at 9:44am. They stated I would have to send the wheelbase, wheel and 8 NM power supply back to be tested and replaced. They said someone would contact me with the RMA process and to reply to the email if i had any questions.

I did reply stating I was disappointed with waiting 24 hours between replies and how much personal time I had spent trying to resolve the issue(s). I also asked if I could send all the items back since I was concerned about the 14 day return policy. With it taking 8 days for my initial order to get to me, by the time I got the replacement base, wheel and power supply, my return period would be over without me being able to use the setup to see if I liked it. This reply went out at 10:08am and as of 3:08pm, i have not received a response or the RMA process. It looks like they have a 24 hour turn around time for each request. Since today is Friday, it doesn't look like I will get any type of reply until Monday. That would put my 6 days into my return period.

I really don't want to get stuck with something that does not work. I also don't want to keep going back and forth with each reply taking 24 hours to get through. Example, please try this. I try it and reply that it did not work within 45 minutes and then wait 24 hours to get a reply with the next thing to try and keep repeating this process. Now I to wait on a RMA process that looks like will take at least 2 plus weeks (3 days to get RMA process email from Fanatec, 8 days to ship to Fanatex, 1-2 days for Fanatec to ship back, 8 days actual shipment time).

The Support process seems flawed. Normally with other companies, I would spend a reasonable amount of time trying to resolve the issue (1-2hours). Then contact support either by phone or chat or email. We go back and forth with things to try. If no fix, then they send a replacement and i send the equipment at the same time. This all normally happens in the same day. Therefore, I'm not spending 14 plus hours trying to fix the problem myself. I think waiting 24 hours for the initial reply is reasonable. However, once we engage in the back and forth, it should not take 24 hours for each reply.

Hopefully this can help someone out or if anyone has any suggestions, please reply to this.

Thank you.


  • Leif, have you not been reading the forums or know anything about fanatecs customer service, your disappointed in waiting 24 hours?! I have some bad news for you, people wait 24 days plus for responses and much longer to get anything resolved. Good luck, you will need it!

  • Yes Thomas, most of my research was on the Support page and not the forum page. This is my first wheel and I've only had it 5 days. It seems like they may give slightly better support to people that are still within the return window. However, I still think it is reasonable to have a working product within the return period.

    I did a lot of research on YouTube prior to the purchase. Not sure how they do it but there is hardly any negative videos on YouTube. The only ones I could find were stem vibrations and shifter problems which were generally fixed.

    I have never spent so much personal time trying to fix something. There time has been very minimal. "uninstall and install stem; install driver 440." "Oh that didn't work, you will need to send everything back except the pedals for testing and replacement"

    I am still strongly considering just returning everything .

  • Did you try reattaching the shaft? I'd only do it if it actually has the gap that the photos show or if you wanna try it anyway. The amount of force needed to tighten it on its bolt is very high apparently (15nm), so if it is already tight I wouldn't touch it unless you have the tools/strength.

    Here are some instructions here:

    Also, did you try compatibility mode?

    I'd like to see the video of the issue, are you able to upload onto YouTube and share it here?

    It really sucks that you're experiencing issues, I'd be so heartbroken in your shoes.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I did try replacing the shaft. However, it did not correct the problem.

    I did receive the replacement wheel base and wheel. This weekend. Luckily it seems to be working.

    normally I would consider over a month to get a working product too long. However, based on other posts in the forum, this seems to be much shorter than others are experiencing.

    I still feel if your product does not work out of the box and support can’t fix it, you should just be able to exchange the item rather than be forced to go through support process (return items, have them tested and be sent replacements for the defective items).

    replies to support requests can be vary anywhere from 24 hours to never.

    Anyway, I’m happy to finally have a working product. I hope this thread can help others who are in this situation.

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