Weak CSL on Xbox, moving to PC !!


Asking questions here on this forum over the last 10 mounts, I have finally decided Xbox will never get my CSL DD with boost to run at a good power.

So I have decided to sell my new Xbox and move over to a gaming PC ! This is a bummer as I bought the Xbox new to get away from the licensing problems (choice of wheels) on the PS4.

Anyway, with a decision made, can anybody tell me if the weak CSL wheel will go away with ACC on PC, or is ACC just weak on all platforms with the CSL DD?



  • I made a similar transition myself from Xbox to PC about a year ago. It wasn't over ACC, but due to lack of proper hardware support on Xbox. Specifically, the fact that on Xbox, most buttons on any Fanatec wheel - beyond the standard ones found on a gamepad - either don't work at all, or are duplicates of other standard functions and can't be remapped.

    I know it's a bit painful now with selling things off and getting your new system set up. But long term, I strongly suspect you'll be much happier gaming on your new PC. FFB strength in ACC feels just as it should, no issues there (some will argue that oh, it's not as good or as detailed as XYZ game, but that's a matter of personal preference. In terms of overall strength and feel, it's far beyond what the Xbox version offers... due partially to the fact that consoles still haven't received the big 1.8 physics update, which PC users have been enjoying since last November).

    Plus, you'll be able to freely map every button, dial, toggle, funkyswitch, etc. to pretty much whatever game function you want. And depending on the specs of your new PC, you'll probably be able to run at higher graphical settings and faster refresh rates than the Series X as well.

    The only drawbacks really, are the fact that yes, now you're dealing with a PC, so you lose some of the "Plug n Play" factor, and things like driver conflicts, updates, software/ hardware incompatibilities, etc. now become a thing. For me though, it's been a small price to pay considering all the other doors that the transition from console to PC has opened (including mods!)

    Overall, I think you've made a wise choice that you're really going to enjoy. Welcome to the Master Race. 😉

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    Thank you for that really helpful reply.

    My mate has found me a PC that is a mid spec machine that is not too much money. I'll be taking my CSL DD inc boost to his house tomorrow to see how it feels on this high end rig and then after that I guess I'll order my PC and start racing online in the closed races he runs.

    Finally I'll have the rig I always wanted.

    ACC not getting this CSL to work properly is a real shame !!

  • Well it looks like I'm totally jumping out of the Xbox and Fanatec because of the weak FFB on ACC. I did say in another post that it's not Fanatec's problem to fix, but the flip side of the weak FFB on ACC is that Fanatec is losing a customer of 7 years!

    If they have pushed ACC to fix the FFB I'd still be staying with Fanatec gear, but now I'm forced to move to PC, the wheel and base are also being sold off and replaced with Simucube !!

    This is going to change nothing for Fanatec as there will be many more customers all lined up behind me to buy Fanatec's products, but why lose customers when you don't need to. Sadly I've also been a victim of Fanatec product failures and 'repair' service, not good. So although my CSL DD is new and working now, with the known problems, how long will it stay working?

    So with the jump to PC having to be made, the jump to another brand of wheel is not a big step and because Fanatec/ACC will not fix a known bug after 10+ months (from new!)

    Good bye Fanatec ;-)

  • I hear you, it really is a shame that Fanatec's customer service and quality control have gone so far downhill. I too have been through more than one RMA procedure with my CSL DD and McLaren v2 in the slightly less than a year that I've had them. Although the products are great when they're working properly, overall it hasn't been the best experience. I'm reasonably happy with my equipment as it is now, as I found that some of my problems are EMI-related, and I was able to at least rectify that. And I do like having the Xbox compatibility for the odd occasion when I want to go back and use it. But given the poor current state of Fanatec's CS and QC operations, and my lack of faith in the durability and longevity of the equipment I currently own due to my past experiences, I think if I had more money in my budget, I'd have given it all up and switched to another brand altogether by now. When the time does come to upgrade, it's very unlikely that I will be staying in the Fanatec ecosystem.

  • Hi everyone!

    Yeah I totally understand your frustration Robert, being a console owner since I was 10 yrs old (so we are talking about 40+ yrs ago) and occasionally a pc here and there, I understand...but...

    ...Fanatec and Xbox has a long 'wrong' story, I write 'wrong' because is since I got my first CSL+ wheelbase (2017) that the story is like that....less support, no mapping chances, buttons and functionalities cut here and there....

    I had no issues at all with PS4 and now with PS5 and CSL wheelbase, I did use the GTDD Pro very very little due to work....and summertime 😄

    And I'm quite concerned that when I'll start using it daily...well...I'm optimistic so we'll see.

    Back to Xbox...yes I had xbox console in the past (all of them, I still have the very first gigantic console and the mega pad) and got also the Series X last year but I did not spent a minute to try my Fanatec gear with the console....there is no point for me to go 'down' even further from the standard situation and 'comfort' zone achieved with PS.

    And as I wrote in other posts , any malfunctions will lead immediately to repair process and stuff, yes, and to leave the Fanatec ecosystem right after, and like you buy a dedicated PC....and use the old and mega reliable CSL + wheelbase with the console only.

    DD Pro has still to prove to me its 'goodness', plain and simple.

    And yes, once you decide to move to a pc for simracing, well....Fanatec is no longer the only choice for a DD wheebase....there are several options to choose from, and you can wait to have the right amount of money for the right product.

    I'm not blaming Fanatec for the faulty products or issues, but the way they managed all this is what annoys me.

    Minimum percentage of faulty units, bla bla bla, software updates and firmwares that I don't really understand what they're meant for because problems and new issues arises every time.... I'm keeping my brand new V3 pedals to an old and 'safe' firmware because I did not get what's really new and fixed with the new versions...and most importantly which new issues is introduced or maybe old and good function been tweaked for the worst, if not erased for good. 😀

    And the absurd situation of "official partner for GT"......I don' have a nice word for this rather than "ridicolous and pathetic" to say the least.

    It should have been a killer combo, GT7 and DD Pro, almost since day one...and still today we have statements like "It's up to them, maybe they'll fix it or not". I get it, they did the game, but .....seriously this is the best you can offer to you loyal customers?. C'mon....

    Well, its simply not right. Not at all. 😉

    Have a great day you all!


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