Firmware will not update - CSL DD Pro

Hi all,

I cannot update my CSL DD Pro due to a specific Fanatec error stating that the wheel may have been disconnected (it wasn't). Tried this 20 times on 3 different PC's - same issue. The message comes with some help (ie is it in PC mode?), obviously all of which I ensured were correct.

The message also informed me to send the error log (a zip file was created by the Firmware wizard) to Fanatec, which of course I did.

Unfortunately the Fanatec Tech support and CS have been of zero help (or else I wouldn't be posting here).

Anyone ran into this issue and resolved it?

FYI Fanatec is also telling me I cannot return it or get a refund or help of any kind since it's past the 14 day return policy...I guess forget the fact it's THEIR issue that bricked it!


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