dd pro power port

Hi to everyone ! sorry for the silly questions but with some expensive equipament we never know and i prefer to be sure: is it normal that the cable of the boost kit only enter until the point that i got in the image ?

thanks !


  • Doesn't look right to me. The flats of the plug moulding are supposed to rest on the body of the device to minimise strain. The way that is just now is putting excess strain on the connector. I don't have a DD Pro so not sure if this is a problem unique to your base or a design flaw.

  • Hello fellow friends....I don't remember how mine's look like, I'll check it today back home after work and post a photo, I have DD Pro and boost kit as well.

    Looking at your phot... I'm quite convinced that's not the way it should be, I don't know, looks somewhat 'odd'.

    On the back connections I did use some cable ties to avoid any accidental pulling and to limit any sort of movement in any directions and minimize the strain on the power connector, pedal set, usb and so on.

    Few hours from now and I'll post a photo.


  • thanks for the replys ! I take it out and put it on again and i pay attention to the click noise when the plug enter and it doesnt enter more than this.

  • if you can please check your dd pro and tell me something ! thank you so much guys !

  • Here I am my friend, apologies for the delay, mine is like yours so I was wrong in remembering something different.

    here is a photo:

    So don’t you worry, it’s cool! 😉


  • This is absolutely normal and the correct way how it should look. There is no extra or excess strain on anything, it's fine.

  • There would be less strain on the jack if it had been recessed so that the flat part of the plug moulding sat flush with the body of the device. That is why the plug moulding is shaped the way it is - specifically to reduce strain on the jack. I accept that this may be normal, in that all DD Pros are like this but it is not correct - it is simply poor design. This will lead to more failures than if it had been designed properly.

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    The visible part "sticking out" is designed to do so and it's thicker than the real plug which goes into the base.

    It wont lead to any more failures. Behind this is a well thought and tested design.

    So all is normal, nothing to worry about.

  • My last word on this as I'm sure we will never agree. These ATX plugs are normally used internally where they are never touched, with light wires attached that are never moved - applications like motherboard power from an internal PC power supply.

    When they are used externally - like on the DD wheelbase they are usually fitted with an over-moulding to increase their robustness. The over moulding is designed with flats where it meets the device body to minimise movement and consequent potential damage should it be knocked or suffer strain - things which are likely when these plugs are used externally.

    Fanatec have fitted the over- moulding which is good practice BUT have failed to recess the plug so the over-moulding is not able to provide protection, for example if the plug was knocked laterally.

    I know you don't believe this - but I can assure you that is why the plug over moulding is shaped the way it is. Good design would be for the jack socket to be recessed so that both the pin part and the thicker locking part you mention are both recessed. You'll note that the lock release tab is extended into the over moulding specifically for this reason.

  • Thank you so much guys ! now i relief because i was afraid that was a faulty cable lol!

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