McClaren V2 rim on DD Pro

I own a DD Pro which has the PS chip in the wheel base. It doesn't work with my drivehub because it is PS5 compatible. The Xbox compatible Fanatec wheels have the chip in the rim.

If I buy an Xbox only rim will it work plugged into my PS5 ?


  • Thanks Maurice. Now I need to find a non PS5 Fanatec base which at the moment isn't so easy to do

  • If you have a PS- compatible base, and an Xbox-compatible wheel, why would you need a Drivehub? Your entire setup would be compatible with either platform.

  • Using third party pedals. I have come up with a solution. Hori in DH controller port SRP-GT pedals in driving contoller port Fan DD Pro in Accessory port PC comp mode. Framerate is fine. Any other way and the PS5 framerate drops in GT7

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