Sharing a wheel between DD1 and my track car (Lotus Elise)

I assume this has been done before but as my Google-Fu is apparently off I couldn't find any details. In short I'd like to share the OMP Superquadro I have in my Elise with my DD1 base - I know I need the Universal Hub for the DD1 and I do NOT expect that to function in-car, only for the sim. I assume I'd need to match the quick release used by the DD1 with my car, is that a standard connector or would I need to custom machine something for my car's quick release?

Want to go this route as while I have the Podium F1 setup, which is obviously great for formula/GT3 racing I don't yet have a round/drift capable wheel - rather than buying that I'm thinking it would be cool to use my existing OMP Superquadro as while it's not round it would be fine for the limited amount of drift driving I'd like to do. One of the reasons I went with the DD1 is it's stronger FFB as I have to believe that 20nm is more than powerful enough for my Superquadro, which is fairly light anyway.

Thoughts on what I'd need? Again I'm sure someone has done this but my Google-Fu must suck today as I can't find anything about it (I'm sure you guys will make me look stupid by posting a dozen links in minutes!)




  • Solution is to buy another OMP Superquadro. Otherwise you would be unscrewing the wheel every time. There is no cross compatible hub.

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    Well it can't be that hard to create an adapter, all I'd need to do is get one from Fanatec that I would make an adapter for in the car so it absolutely could be done - as Fanatec's high end BMW GT3 wheel does exactly this, you can take it from sim to car and back again. So I know it can be done, just curious if anyone has done it and has pictures.


  • Like I say - the easiest (and cheapest) current solution is to buy another wheel.

    You are not understanding the situation properly. Rather than arguing feel free to spend the time more productively by researching what you currently only half understand.

    The BMW M4 GT3 wheel does not currently offer interchangeability between the BMW car and the Fanatec wheelbase despite Fanatec's marketing. The promised functionality relies on the Fanatec QR2 which has not made it to market. Two years late with zero updates. Customers who have bought the wheel did not receive the new QR2. They still use the old QR1. They are unable to switch seamlessly between their Fanatec wheelbase and their M4 GT3 - should any be lucky enough to own one. :-)

    Fanatec wheel's currently attach to wheelbases via the QR1 connector which is shite. You would not want to use that in a critical situation - like driving on a track. It is not safety tested or certified so you would have issues with scrutineering even if you decided to DIY a solution - which would be a really stupid thing to do.

  • You are not understanding the situation properly. Rather than arguing feel free to spend the time more productively by researching what you currently only half understand.

    Hopefully someone who isn't condescending will chime in as I don't need you tell me when I do and don't understand. I stopped reading after this line as I have no interest in getting "help" from someone with an attitude like this.

    Best of luck to you.


  • In Italy, the country where I live, every single part you mount on the car must be homologated. Which is bureaucracy, but transparent enough for the end user. So if I want to fit a different steering wheel on my car, I go to the shop, buy it and install it. I might not realize that the package shows the number, the homologation number, which allows me to drive my modified car on Italian public roads.

    Obviously the toys have no homologation, and Fanatec produces toys. Yes, they are expensive and make you feel like a real driver, but they are toys.

    I don't know if your country's laws allow you to fit a toy mechanical part to a real car for road use. I think not.

    But even if it were, that's a toy. When Fanatec designed the current QR and hub, wheelbase really had very weak mechanical torque values ​​compared to the current ones. On the powerful DD wheelbase Fanatec had to introduce a rubber ring to hold the steering wheel in place. Otherwise it would have had to use a new QR and lose compatibility with previous products.

    The CSL DD and DD Pro wheelbases, which do not have a rubber ring, with only 8Nm of torque have difficulty in keeping the steering wheel fixed to the hub, with the current QR.

    I don't know if what you want to do is illegal in your country, but it sure looks dangerous.

  • Alessandro - you are quite right. Unfortunately the OP has no interest in listing to reason or researching this for himself. He already "knows" it can be done and it won't be that hard. Watching this thread with interest to see his solution.

  • Well, the OP said he "assumes" and as we know, usually "assumptions" is the first step for the biggest fuck ups anyways.

    You and Alessandro explained him perfectly what the deal is but still doesn't want to understand. Even if someone was willing to help him, I guess now is a lost cause.

    Good luck to him to a lengthy and expensive process since he cannot understand the fundamentals, (after all he didn't even find the gazillion pics in google that show somehow the BMW QR2 nor the speculations that other users have made when they saw the actual shit in the sim expo. 😎 )

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