DD1 availability?

I've been watching DD1 availability from Fanatec and it's been "Sold Out" for quite awhile. Can anyone (or Fanatec staff) provide an update as to when we can expect it back in stock, or is a new model perhaps being developed to replace it?


  • Arie KopArie Kop Member
    edited September 2022

    All quiet at the Western front......

    I asked when I could pre-order the DD1 via mail on 01-06-2022, and got the following message from the webshop:

    "We currently do not have a pre-order date for the Podium Wheel Base DD1, as our suppliers are dealing with the ongoing component shortage. As of now we are unable to provide you with information about when the requested item will be available again. Please check our website for updates."

    And still no messages, updates or revelations by Fanatec about the DD1. And I'm checking regularly.....

    Perhaps I should sell all my Fanatec products and switch to another brand like Moza or .......?

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