DD2 no feedback

I have a DD2 with a WRC rim while I'm waiting on fanatec to send my Podium Nascar rim. I'm not getting any feedback at all. I have flashed the firmware for all components. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled fanalab as well as drivers. I went as far as to completely resetting my pc, reinstalled fanatec software, firmware/drivers, iracing etc etc. Still nothing. steering is functional however its's no feedback what so ever. Anyone have any ideas on how I can troubleeshoot and fix this? Thanks 


  • When you turn on the base do you press a button on the wheel to enable torque? A message should pop up on the wheelbases screen.

  • Hello, the problem I have between podium dd2 is that I cannot update its firmware; because if I do I run out of force feedback. the only firmware that works for me is the base version 662 and the engine version 30, wireles quick released V6 driver 346. updated the version with the latest Fanatec Driver (446) I am totally left without feedback, the test from the software does not it works and less in a game. I have done everything I found in the forums, I have updated and downgraded from 380 to 446 and I have no Force feedback. the only driver version that works for me is 346, everything works perfectly; the steering wheel, the basis of the feedback. But I'm worried that I can't have it updated since the fanalab of this version is completely useless and I bought a new steering wheel and I can't use it. I did everything they sent me in ticket 194163 (disconnect quick release and reconnect) (update 446) but the ffb doesn't work. every time it restarts it never stays aligned. I need a solution please. attached log.

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