DD2 steering limit stop

On my DD2, when you reach the end of the steering range as set in the profiler, there is no feedback that you are at the limit. it allows the wheel to pointlessly turn about 45 degrees more without any notable feeling. It may get slightly harder to turn, but nothing that communicates that i am at the limit.

I have made a handlebar contoller that i am using for motorbike games that mounts to the dd2 quick release hub. I set the steering angle to 90 degrees (45 degrees each way) and it works well in the game, but there is no feedback when at full lock/lean

Surely there must be some way to get it to rapidly ramp up to full holding torque or something within a few degrees of the lock limit?? It knows where its limit is, it is all software driven, how is it allowed to turn past the limit set in its own software.

For reference, it doesnt matter what range it is set to, it will rotate about 45 degrees past the set limit, without changing the output value, before it is harder to turn.

If someone could shed some light on how to tweak this it would make the immersion a million times better for me in my application. thanks


  • This was fixed with Driver 442/443 and included Firmware.

  • I updated to latest beta drivers and fanalab. it still feels like there is a decent amount of deadzone after you pass the lock limit where the resistance ramps up. maybe its better, but still no really obvious feeling of a steering stop.

    admittedly handlebars have a lot more leverage, but even with the steering wheel it feels like you get to the limit, and then it smoothly ramps up resistance over the next 30-45 degrees or so before it reaches full resistance instead of having a notable jump in resistance at the end of the steering travel

  • With Driver 443 and Firmwares its as best as it gets atm as there is no way for the customer to change this behaviour. And personally, for me its perfect.

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