Update mode: wireless quick release

Here's my story, sad but true, I bought a wheel base called podium DD2. After careful cosiderations of the options I decided the money was worth it even though it was not available until September 5th. It turned out I didn't have to wait that long it came to me on July 20th I set everything up in one night inverted V3 pedal, CS shifter 1.5, Club Sport 330 wheel with and x-box hub. First after I got everything put together the wheel hub was not recognized and after I took off and figured out it was not on all the way I had to push it so hard I thought I was going to break my rig but it clicked in and the hub was recognized it appeared in the software, was udated and I played for about 24 hours, as much as I could I liked it so much.

Came back to play the next night and the buttons on the hub were not working only one light would flash on the hub for a bit, connected it back to the laptop and found out the wheel was not recognized by the base part of the troubleshooting process was taking the wheel off which was so hard to do that I hit myself in the face with it, (lucky for me I was not hurt to bad it could have been worse), after following some troubleshooting steps I got it put back together and after updating the base and the motor it rocognized the hub again and updated I was able to play again. Next day when I turned it on I had the same problem and this time when I started updating it again I started to get the "Update Mode: Wireless Quick Release" error after all the trouble shooting steps and several more of these errors I gave up and made a support ticket. The next morning I had an email "unfortunatly for this you need to send it back to us, and we will send you a new one after our technition confirms the defect" they had a shipping label to me by the end of the day it was on the way back to them, that was friday by wednesday morning it was back to them, now I have not heard anything from them and I have no idea how long it will take. I'm blogging instead of simracing as good as it worked for the short time I had it is how bad I feel now. Thanks alot Fanatec.

Also, in the MY Products page the warranty date for my DD2 says 1 year when they advertised a 5 year warranty I hope it's just a mistake because I'm very concerned about the reliability of this thing now, everytime I turn it on I'm going to expect it to not work.

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