CSL DD FFB issues I've experienced and the terrible support I've received from Fanatec

So I wanted to make a forum post about my terrible experience with the CSL DD. I originally bought the CSL DD with the 8nm PSU in January of this year. As soon as I received the base it was clear that it was faulty. The base had this terrible cogging when driving which made it unenjoyable to drive. I contacted Fanatec about this and they created an RMA for me. I sent the base back to Fanatec for the RMA and it took a month to get back to me. I was told that the base was faulty and that they're sending me new one.

The second base was fine for a few months until it started developing a grainy feel in the base. It only got worse and worse overtime to which fanatec told me to yet again RMA. This again took a month to be completed and Fanatec didnt update me on the process so I had to go out and question them about my product. They told me that the PCBU was the cause of the problem and that it has been repaired. I received the base back and as soon as I booted it up I could tell it indeed wasn't repaired and the issue was still clearly there. If anything it's even worse now. I truly do wonder how they can assure me it's repaired and that they're "technician" has looked at it and repaired it, I doubt he even tested the base to make sure it's fixed...

So from about 7 of "owning" the CSL DD I've been able to use it for about 3 months. Idk if this is the standard which Fanatec holds their customer support but if they do, then that's just utterly disappointing.

I've now sent emails to Fanatec about this issue which in their words was repaired and not present anymore. We'll see what they come up with this time, I guess I'll have to send it back for yet another month only to get it back with no change...

Thanks for listening to my post which turned to a rant halfway through :)


  • Any update on this? Curious to know how this turns out. I've had my own issues, with two back-to-back RMAs before finally getting things sorted.

    I wonder if any of your issues could potentially be caused by EMI and/ or improper grounding of your rig? If your base or anything else like a shifter or handbrake is mounted and directly touching a metal plate on your rig, it could potentially be introducing small amounts of electrical current into the entire system, which can cause all sorts of strange irregularities. There are a few threads regarding this in these forums, might be worth looking into.

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