Clubsport V3 brake feels grainy after lubrication, I should have left it alone. Does it improve?

Hi all,

I made an error. Should have followed - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

  • Here's my situation = got new V3 pedals a week ago, worked ok with v1.30 FW
  • Issue = struggled to get smooth brake travel on brake release (drop from 100% to 70 to 30, etc., bit jerky not smooth)
  • So I tried = 1) updated FW from 1.30 to 1.32. It appeared to have improved. (should have stopped here). but 2) took stock elastomer out and gave it some lubrication just in case it was sticking.
  • Result = I made it worse :-(, now brake travel has "grainy" feel towards 70-100%. It feels like metal rubbing (my guess = pin rod to red chamber which holds the elastomer). I initially did it with provided Lithium grease on elastomer, but cleaned it and re-did it with vaseline as instructed on manual(which helped some).

  • Question = do/did you have grainy brake travel on V3? Does it eventually go away after time?



  • The provided lithium grease is not meant to be used on the original foam inside the brake pedal because it could damage it. Vaseline or equivalent are a better option for this specific part.

    You can use the lithium grease on the other elastomer from the brake performance kit (red and green).


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