My wheel base and racing wheel are not responding to anything, the tests don't even work!!

Hello guys,

I own the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 Esports V2 and a CSL DD 8nm.

I launched up my PC today and went to start playing F1 22 to find out NOTHING is working.

I decided to relaunch my PC, nothing, I then tried all the various tests you can do, nothing. I even went to the length of uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers as well as Fanalab.

The oddest thing is that Fanalab and the Control Panel both recognise that my wheel is there and my wheel base is there, but for some reason, when I take my wheel off the podium, Fanalab still recognises that it is plugged in.

I have had lengthy problems with faulty equipment in the past, to which I have had to wait months for new working equipment to arrive, and now I am greeted with yet another problem.

Although that is the case, every support worker who has been in contact has been very helpful and has processed RMAs and other pieces right away, and with relative ease from my end (other than recording evidence etc). All I want is reliable equipment so I can happily race... :(

If someone can help, that would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,



  • Note:

    For anyone wondering or a mod/support worker is looking into the problem:

    Wheel base version

    Wheel base motor version

    Steering wheel version 4

    I have also submitted a ticket to Fanatec, anything of help to maybe anyone else experiencing similar problems, I will update on this post. In the event I get everything working, I will confirm on this post and add notes as to how I managed to fix the problem.

  • Hi Guys,

    Update: all is working, seems like my dumb ass didn't decide to unplug the cable and replug in...

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