My loadCell pedal keeps changing minimum value

I've noticed it first time couple of weeks ago when my top speed in rFactor2 during a race was really slow and I just couldn't keep up.

I've calibrated the pedals, all was good.

Today I raced in GT7 (different wheel) and noticed the same thing. Left the race, recalibrated, started it again. Slowly but surely, the issue creeped up and brake was permanently activated. I tried to remove the power and give the base a restart but that only worked for two corners after which the brake went completely 100% to the maximum level without me going anywhere near it.

So it seems the issue shows on different profiles (PS5/PC) and also different rims (DD Pro default rim and Xbox rim) and restart doesn't cut it. Have the latest 439 firmware.

Anyone came across this? Is this some kind of sensor issue or something that can be fixed in software? Any suggestions what to try..?



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