Web-store Pricing Discrepancy Shipping Outside the EU

Hi All,

I thought I would share this for the benefit of others who may come across the same errors on the Fanatec webstore. For an established company I find it baffling they can't set-up the shop to correctly show price levels.

Using the "Podiumm Racing Wheel Formula for XBOX One & PC" as an example. The webstore price is listed as:

-1649.95 inc. VAT

Then add to cart:

-the small shopping cart in the top right of the screen updates to show 3 items with a total of 1386.51 EUR. This is the (almost) 'correct' without VAT total

Expanding the shopping cart preview

-when I expand the shopping cart the sub-total changes to show 1665.90 EUR "plus VAT". I assume this is including VAT again (despite the text) given it is almost exactly 20% higher than the 1386.51 EUR value that was shown in the previous point.

-the difference 1649.95 to 1665.9 looks like an error in the bundling discount but the difference is small so I'm not bothered by this.

Proceed to checkout

-in checkout the total is still 1665.9 plus shipping

-VAT hasn't been removed despite the shipping address falling outside of the EU

Place Order

-it isn't until the order confirmation email is received that the actual total is properly displayed which in this case is 1423.78 EUR (inclusive of 44.35 EUR shipping).

To sum up, the webstore shows the price including VAT despite saying plus VAT and asks you to place the order based on the including VAT price. It is only once the invoice is received by email that the price minus VAT is finally shown which requires taking a 'leap of faith'.

Fanatec - sort your webstore out please!!

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