First rig questions

Sorry if this isn't the right place. I'm looking at doing up my first sim rig with a DD2, Clubsport v3 pedals, and a Trakrace TR80 mk5 cockpit. I wanted a DD1 but they aren't in stock anywhere. I did spot this on ebay:

Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1 For PlayStation 4 -GP1711 4030534002047 | eBay

Just curious on a few things:

Is second hand hardware a bad idea?

Will I still have a warranty in the case of a failure that would require a warranty claim?

How old is this particular model? I don't see it on the Fanatec site anywhere

Thank you in advance, any info helps.


  • Hi,

    my opinion is yes, it’s a bad idea to buy second hand at that price, here in Europe the DD1 bundle for PlayStation is 1,799€, I believe it’s the same in the US, in dollars.

    If you need PlayStation compatibility that is the only option to have a DD1, and you can use it with pc of course.

    The standalone DD1 is not PS compatible, like the DD2.

    For the warranty I think you should get the original invoice from the previous owner.

    And yes, it’s still in the catalog and it’s quite Easy to find it in the official website.


  • I was totally under the impression that that was a DD2 wheelbase, that's on me for being uneducated there.

    I also should have specified that I will be using PC so any console compatibility doesn't matter to me so long as I can still play Forza with it occasionally.

    Sounds like my best bet is to get a DD2 from Fanatec

  • Hi Randall,

    it’s a DD1, reading the bundle description will reveal a peak torque of 20Nm, while DD2 is capable of a 25Nm peak torque.

    So If your target is a DD2 the bundle you’ ve mentioned is, of course, not what you want.

    I don’t know If Forza (Motorsport/Horizon) has the best support as of today, I suggest you to read the dedicated forum games section to find more about the situation.

    But it shouldn’t be an issue if it’s only occasional Forza gaming you’re looking for, on PC you have a lot of racing sims to choose and play with.

    And hardware-wise being on PC only gives you different choices, choices I would rather consider.

    I play on console-only so my choice for a DD base is not a choice. 😉


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