Gran Turismo (GT) Steering Wheel & CSL elite ps5 issue

I've just got the Gran Turismo (GT) Steering Wheel, I have PS5 with CSL elite base which use for GT7 etc.

However the new GT wheel doesn't work on base! I know wheel works as mate has CSL DD pro base so we've tried it, so my question is does my base just need updating?

Thanks in advance Eric


  • What exactly is not working?

    When nothing is working at all then yes,.most likely your base is outdated and Doesnt know the wheel so it needs new firmware. So you should update driver to 444 and flash all Firmwares.

  • Sorry none of the buttons work like PS button to get into game etc, so like I mentioned and you said I should update the base etc and all should be fine :D

    Thanks for the quick reply

  • hello, my problem with this steering wheel is that it works but the buttons to change braking distribution and motor map do not work in gt7 instead in gtsport yes, my firmware version of the csl base is 690

  • edited September 2022

    You say your Firmware is 690 which means you have CSL Elite and not GT DD PRO Base? Then it's not compatible.

    The colored Dpads of the GT wheel are exclusive to the GT DD PRO.

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