I just spent a good bit of money on an 8nm DD pro, CSL wheel, CSL pedal Kit and CSL Load Cell kit.

i connected everything, and updated the DD pro.

the problem is that only the wheel works. after only plugging in the pedals and load cell to the computer did i notice that the Load cell is working , and the Clutch is working....the Throttle however is not putting in input at all. i was able to get the input to jump to 100% somehow but then it stayed there until i disconnected the entire unit.

please someone have a solution. I didnt think i was going to have to contact Customer support and i also didnt think they would take so long to respond!. i need help....i just want to play gt7 with it. spending 1k for a paper weight is the worst.


  • first contact with fanatec was a waste....they of course just told me to install a new driver and try again.....not even a mention of the problem ive having. IT IS INSANE...JUST GIVE ME A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT. they want to waste your time so you give up or buy another pedal set.

  • I have the same exact problem, and no answer from fanatec.

    Sent a support ticket and i have no idea if it was recived, have been vaiting for a week now.

  • I had the exact same problem almost a month ago brand new didn’t work and I still have no clue what they’re gonna do about it. You would think for the price you pay for this stuff that you would be paying for some technical support but it is a joke!

  • One more with same problem. Technical support? They not know what it is!

    Useless wheel. More than 30 days and they even sent the codebar to return this sh**.

    Be far away of this.

  • Same here! How easy is it to return this stuff?

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