CSL DD not detected

When i plug it in it will be detected for a second like you can see in the video then it will disappear, I reinstalled drivers after windows update and I was able to play assetto corsa for about 5 minutes before the wheel lost all ffb and was no longer recognized. I have disconnected and reconnected all wires to wall, base, and pc, as well i've powered base on and off.

This is not the first time im having this issue but now it seems I cannot using my product which I spent money on, Fanatec needs to fix these issue on a high end product should not exist.. What if i had instead gone with dd1 or dd2 I will be furious when this will happen. If this issue will not be fixed I will sell my fanatec system and buy all from other companies this is unacceptable!


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    Could be a faulty USB cable, a faulty USB port on your PC or a faulty base.

    I would try another USB cable on the same USB port. If the issue is still there I would try another USB port.

    If the issue is still happening you should contact the support to get the base repaired.

    PS: other companies also can have hardware issues.

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    It is staying detected like this without the universal hub adapter on, if i attack the rim back on it shows like before

    Also i've just plugged in with rim attached and it shows only base

  • Then you should try to re-fit the Quick Release shaft on the base (see manual how to do) and re-tighten the clamp with 15Nm.

    If the issue is still happening.... It's most likely the Hub which is damaged.

  • I fixed the problem for now, if anyone else has this issue this video solved it for me, This should not be necessary fanatec needs to up the quality of their products, for a $500+ item this is not acceptable

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