GT DD Pro Wheel Base - Stopped working

I was playing F1 22 when the game got paused. I tried to exit the menu and start the race again. When i tried to click any buttons on the wheel the wheel didn't respond.

So i looked at the Wheel Base and it didn't give me any burning LED lights. I have tried to plug it into a different outlet but didn't fix the issue.

Everything seems to be fine. No burning smell, no cable bents, no in correct plugged in cable or anything for that matter.

The booster kit is burning (the LED) but the wheel base is not.. , it also does not show up on the fanatec driver.

Can somebody help me out?


  • Odd that the power light on the base is not illuminating. My first thought was to check the quick release connection, by loosening the u-clamp and then pushing in firmly on the base-side quick release, then retightening the clamp.

    But usually when this loosening of the QR happens, the power light on the base is still illuminated. The fact that it's not, in your case, makes me think that something else is amiss here.

    Unfortunately, I'd say your best bet is probably to open a support ticket.

  • Thank you for reply!

    It does not make sense tot me. The Boost Kit’s Led is illuminating but the wheel base isn’t. I have not doen anything weird with it. It just died on me.

    I Made a ticket, hoping they come back at it quickly..

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