GT DD Pro - vibration and loud click

Hello! New sim racer here.

I've had the DD paired with the Mclaren V2 wheel for a week now. I have two questions if anyone can help me out.

1) On rare occasion, on a hard turn with lots of ffb, theres a very loud click that comes from the drive. It's only happened about.. 3 times. Any ideas?

2) when i turn on the dd, i can feel a subtle vibration in the wheel. Like the motor is working, almost. Is this any cause for concern?

Thank you!!


  • The pcb board is seriously heated, 1. The fanatec design is defective, using a plastic back cover instead of an aluminum alloy back cover, resulting in heat accumulation, 2. The production quality of the pcb board is a problem, and the temperature of the capacitor and the chip increases under the condition of full load. Heat accumulation, This cannot be solved by the driver firmware. This is a hardware problem. If an external fan is added to the back cover to cool the pcb, the symptoms can be relieved fanatce, and a very immature product has been produced, and the after-sales service is still very troublesome.

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