DD1 Wheelbase "Exceede Maximum Rotation"

I haven't played any games with my DD1 for the past month or so and last week when i turned on the wheel ; during the calibration something felt weird as the wheel turned like 720 Degree to the left and then right. When i touch the wheel it will turn left or right forcefully.

Turn it on and off and it will throw Exceeded Maximum Rotation error. Sometimes the fans will blow at max. And i figured when i leave it open ; it gets extremely hot.(Like you cant touch the wheelbase hot)

Currently its not usable but i can see it and is recognized by Fanalab and Fanatec Driver software.

I updated to latest firmwares all around and videos are at below link.

I opened a support ticket and waiting for reply

Solutions i tried as of yet:

-Updated to 443

-Changed the USB Cable to a new One

-Changed USB Inputs

-Changed power cable

-Tried on a new PC

Video link:


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