Is the Fanatec Podium DD2 overkill for Xbox Series X?

Hi, I am trying to piece together a wheel base, steering wheel and pedals to go with my Xbox Series X. And that will most likely be my only gaming device since I don't own a PC. Although the DD2 is compatible with the Xbox, I am not sure if there are some limitations with the Xbox compared to a PC? I believe to had read somewhere that the wireless feature doesn't work with Xbox. I cannot find it again and therefor cannot confirm.

Is it overkill? Or should I go with the only other option available which is the Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8 Nm).


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    It's definitely overkill imo, yes.

    Xbox is known to not have the best FFB and a CSL DD or GT DD is sufficient for it.

    Or if you really need more than 8Nm then a DD1 would definitely be way more than enough.

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    Thanks Maurice, very helpful! 👍️

    I am starting to doubt whether it is even worth it on an Xbox.

  • The biggest drawback on Xbox IMO, (and the reason why I switched to PC for sim racing), is the lack of full functionality of Fanatec steering wheels. Anything beyond the standard buttons you'd get on an Xbox gamepad is not supported. So if you want to use all the fancy rotary dials and toggle switches on something like the Formula v2.5x or the McLaren v2 wheel, the extra inputs either don't work at all, or they're duplicates of standard ABXY, LT/RT, etc. and can't be reassigned. Same with any kind of rev lights or telemetry displayed on the wheel itself...doesn't work on Xbox. Just a blank screen. Other manufacturers have figured out ways to have multiple non-standard inputs on Xbox, but for whatever reason, Fanatec have not.

    The DD2 is a waste of money for use on Xbox. IMO, you'd be better off getting a CSL DD or GT DD Pro, and putting the money you saved toward a decent PC. (And if you do go with a PC, there are many other alternatives to consider when looking at sim racing hardware.)

  • Yes DD2 on Xbox is quite overkill, no doubt.

    I suggest going to a CSL DD or GT Pro DD (I got this because the full compatibility spectrum across consoles and PC).

    Or find yourself a CSW 2.5 or CSL Elite and a Drivehub, I enjoyed a lot the 'old' belt driven wheel base with consoles.

    I honestly understand all the "PC is better" for simracing, it is because offers you a whole lot of possibilities.

    But, on consoles you can't say that honest and pretty nice racing games are lacking; ACC itself is a very good sim on consoles.

    Ask yourself if you want to pay a subscription to play iRacing, yes you have to pay....or how much serious you are about this.

    Go slow and understand what do you want, you already got a console, probably the best thing to come on Series X will be the new Forza ...I like Horizon bu not that much to set up my simracing stuff along with the X over PS4/PS5.

    But it doesn't matter...I often think over a new PC transition...the main reason for me is the possibility of using a 3 screen setup to start...but it's not strong enough for me to do the jump ....I'm pretty comfortable with ACC on console, GT Sport (GT7 is not that nice atm), PC2, Rally stuff , FH5....and for sure I do not have intention to pay a subscription for iRacing.

    I am a casual gamer/Racer? Yes probably.....Are you?.

    Start slow...find something second hand or maybe some new 'old' CSL/CSW wheelbases....they are really good even today. Trust me.

    Ciao!. 😉

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    It's not that it's overkill for the xbox, it's that so few xbox titles are really that good at FFB.

    I don't know how ACC is on the console, but it might be an exception.

    Something like the DD2 really shines when paired with rfactor, iracing, automobilista, or other serious sims.

    Using a DD2 on a PC to play Forza 7 or Forza Horizon is probably a very similar experience to the xbox. Which is to say I play them more frequently with the controller infront of my main monitor than in my rig with the wheel.

  • I have a new DD2 (since about 3 weeks) and I love it. I play Forza Horizon and Motor sports on xbox one. I'm not poor so money was not an issue for me, I just wanted the best. The road feel and springback is unbelievable and I only use it about 15% FFB the highest force i've seen when i checked it was 2.2 Nm and it is capable of 25, so I can see how some would say it's overkill.

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