CSL Elite loadcell replacement elastomers

Where can you get replacement elastomer discs? I've split the low shure rated ones. My pedal is too stiff now.


  • I sent a CS request.

  • I used a couple of Lego tyres. It just slightly softened the pedal and added a bit more pedal travel.

  • To OP.

    Has Customer Service gotten back to you? They were fairly quick when I needed to buy replacement parts for my CSL-Elite pedals. I imagine they will respond somewhat quickly about this.

    Also, in a perfect world I'd expect replacement parts should be offered on the website. Perhaps that is something Fanatec could implement in the near future?

  • Hi there,

    ich have the same problem and contacted the support. They really want that i send the whole LCK back to them to inspect and replace the elastomer. That's the only way at the moment they said.

    Why do Fanatec have no replacement parts or offer ones? That's ridiculous. I'm so disappointed the way Fanatec handle that.

    I'm living in Germany and the support told that the whole process takes two weeks or longer. I don't even want to imagine how long it takes if you have to send it from abroad.



  • I sent a CS request and got a reply that I should contact the department I sent the CS request to. WTF. I'm astonished that a simple bag of cheap rubber aren't available as a replacement part! I don't mind paying probably way more than they're worth. Wake up Fanatec!

  • I finally got a response and "qoute" from Fanatec. $6 per elastomer. $10 for packing/handling. Then who now how much to ship. Typically $10-20 for anything is the norm. I'm shocked ! First it took weeks to get a reply. Then an absurd extortion to fix a poorly made part, that only lasted about 12months. Go home Fanatec you're drunk.

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