GT DD pro base + McLaren V2 GT 3 wheel

Hi everybody and thank you for reading my post. I m really desperate, I just bought for 1000 eur of Fanatec equipment and can’t get it to work properly 🥺…Plugging in the USB neither the PS4 or my laptop recognizes my wheel base…I play F1 2021 and F1 2022 but there neither no wheel base detection….

the message that comes up on my laptop, after connecting with the USB and putting the red light on the base (PC connection) is “NO FANATEC DEVICE DETECTED “ so I can’t install any drivers update etc…

The Fanatec technical support is very slow in handling things and it’s days that I m sitting here and waiting 🥺

Can someone please reach out and give me some possible advice 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I would be very grateful!!

thsnk you very much in advance


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    Hi Jochen, you took the driver in 32 bit, was it correct ? (usually 64 bit with current pc). Otherwise no real idea. I heard that few DD GT Pro items have issues with driver (no recognition like you) and require return to Fanatec factory. Best is to make photo / video and send it to Fanatec to allow them confirm the diagnostic ASAP.

    Hoping you will get support soon. Philippe

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