I have fixed my Advance Button Module (ABM) issue

About two years ago I bought my Fanatec CSW 2.5 wheelbase, CSW V3 Pedals, a Podium Porsche Endurance wheel and a Formula V2 wheel. All the gear is really great and the issues that I had so far where quickly fixed by Fanatec support. However the Advance Button Module on the Porsche wheel started to make problems. It displayed the "WARNING  Steering wheel not supported  Please update Firmware" error. The wheel and the APM shifters worked, but not the Advanced Button Module.

Searching Google for this error supplied a lot of recommendations of un-installing the drivers, downgrading the firmware and that sort of suggestions. I did it all. multiple times with a number of different drivers. Then it dawned on me that it could be a hardware issue. I took the wheel apart, checked the connections of the APM. Then, before assembling it again I plugged the USB-C type connector for the button module in the other way around - and then the display showed the Legacy and then the ITM message.

I think it will be very difficult to twist the short cable to plug the connector in turned 180 degrees. So I ordered a USB-C male - female adaptor an a short (20 cm) USB-C male - female extension cable. The USB-C adaptor works fine and now I can use my Button module again.

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