Podium Wheel F1 Playstation 5


I have the following problem with the Podium F1 Wheel at F1 2022.
The most common error is that after starting the PS5 and the game, the accelerator pedal does not accept any input.
You have to turn the PS5 and the wheel off and on again several times to fix the error.
Registration temporarily not possible on PS5 with PS button on the wheel.
Unfortunately, another serious mistake happened yesterday, the podium completely lost connection in the middle of the game. No input possible via pedals, wheel or buttons. However, the speed display and km/h display continued to run.

Since the first problem mentioned has existed for a long time, I have already tried the following.

Firmware is up to date
The base is in PS4/PS5 mode
There are different sequences in which order I switch on the PS5 and the base.
How do you turn it on?
I log in with the controller and only then with the Fanatec Wheel (button on the steering wheel)

Thanks for your tips



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