Force Feedback settings for Rallysimfans RBR

hello good, after trying a lot and decided to make a post, I play RBR hu (Rallysimfans) and I can't find the ideal FFB. I have the gt dd pro 8nm, so far I have managed to make the potholes, irregularities and jumps well noticeable, the oversteer and the blocked ones are also noticeable, but the understeer for example is not noticeable at all the rim always has the same resistance although clearly this understeering and surface changes from gravel to asphalt for example are not noticeable either. this configuration, which is the one that I notice the most, also the rim is very hard and at 900 degrees (which are my preferred degrees) it becomes very difficult to turn on time, let's see if someone with another gt dd pro or csl dd 8 nm shares a good configuration to continue enjoying the best rally simulator, thanks in advance


  • My settings personally. Fanatec CSL 2.5V

    Fanatec wheel base settings:

    SEN: 540 Degress

    FFB: 100

    DRI: OFF

    FEI: 100

    FOR: 100

    SPR : OFF* This settings don't affect the game

    DPR : OFF* This settings don't affect the game

    In game settings:

    FFB Strengh: Max

    AutoCenter wheel: ON

    RSF Launcher:

    Adaptive feedback: Unticked

    FFB Sensivity range on gravel: 550

    Tarmac: 500


    In my opinion: No matter what wheel base, the wheel base FFB and in game FFB should be maxed out. The only tuning needed is in the RSF Laucher with FFB Sensivity. The Thrustmaster T300 for exemple uses around 220 FFB sensivity in Tarmac, 250 in snow and 255 in gravel but the T300 control panel settings should be maxed out.

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