Fanalab settings and compatibility mode question

Out of curiosity, why do we need to change settings in Fanalab if we use "compatibility mode"? When I switch to the compatibility mode, my Fanalab stops recognizing my wheel base (CSL DD). Thanks for any info!


  • When FanaLab stops recognizing a Wheel Base in a specific mode then its because the driver does not detect the wheel base in that mode - so a driver and not a FanaLab fault.

    Open the driver and see if the base is properly recognized in compatibility mode.

    Also make sure to use only compatible driver and firmware versions (so latest driver 447 with FanaLab 1.66).

  • What I'm saying is... if you go to the Fanatec recommended settings for the CSL DD for certain games... there will be a list of settings to input into Fanalab... and then it says "Compatibility Mode Recommended"... so when I change the wheel base to "compatibility mode" which is the yellow/orange/amber light on the power button, Fanalab no longer shows the tuning menu.

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