Interference with Team Speak

Have a crazy problem that I can't seem to get to the bottom. We use Team Speak (no we can't use a different platform) for our comms during racing (ACC) and after a period of time, any input on the wheel starts to send crackling to my headset/speakers. This starts minor and manageable at the start then grows major quite quickly over time until the only time it is bearable to drive is when you going dead straight, otherwise crackling drowns out any gamme sounds. The same will happen with mouse inputs, but all other inputs including button boxes, pedals etc do not suffer the issue. I can resolve by shutting down Team Speak and restarting and it will disappear for a while but eventually start to creap back in (not ideal for large races where you literally need to pull off to the side of the track to fix).

I have tried changing USB ports of all perifierals, ensured every has the latest drivers and updates and even tried changing headset.

<CLS DD, Podium Button Module and shifter> <Driver 445 (but has happened since new) and all firmmware up to date>

Suggestion/Help would be much appreciated


  • It's caused by EMI from the wheelbase. Lots of advice available on the net on how to minimise it. Easiest thing to try is attaching ferrite beads around the headset cable at the input end.

  • Electromagnetic interference. How is the headset connected? Jack or Usb? Cable, bluetooth or wireless?

    Does your PC have fast (blue) usb ports and slow (black) ports too?

    I don't think the problem is the program you use, but the fact that the CSL DD produces interference that manifests itself as an accumulation of electrostatic charge.

    If you have black and blue usb ports try connecting Wheelbase and mouse on black and headset on blue, or vice versa. They should be quite isolated. I personally solved it by buying a PCI Express card with additional USB ports which I only use for CSL DD. This isolated CSL DD from all other USB devices.

    Generally the cockpit should be grounded, using an electric cable connected to a plug with the ground pin only, and inserted into the wall socket. Then strip the end of the cable, and with a screw and a nut wind it to one of the free holes of the plate to which the wheelbase is screwed. This hole needs to be scraped off of all paint. And it's important to ground the steering wheel plate, because presumably that's where the charge builds up, and it doesn't go around the cockpit as the paint is insulating and every part of the cockpit is electrically isolated from the others.

  • Headset is bluetooth. all usb's that are used for periferals are using bluethooth 3.0 blue. Like you PCI card is utilised but only for periferals, CLS DD connects directly into PC using USB 3.0.

    Will look into the grounding option, just annoying as it is very random and only affects sound through TS. No issues as soon as TS is shut down, game sounds all go back to normal. There is no other feedback through any other audio channel. Guess I will keep trying.

    Thanks for your input.

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