Thanks for the help by Dominic!

I made a post complaining about a change in shipping dates after I'd made the order. I sent a message to Dominic, who resolved my issue instantly. THAT is customer service. Thanks Fanatec!


  • Fanatec does not split shipments by default, you have to contact the Webshop to ask if they can split the shipment so you get the items which are in stock now, probably for a small shipping charge.

    Please note that answers from the Webshop can take up to 14 days actually according the the service status update from Thomas a few days ago.

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    Since you knew that pedals were on pre-order and since as you claim why to pay for quick delivery let me reverse your question...

    Why should FANATEC pay twice shipping (since you paid only once) for shipping twice your order. (one shipment the base and other shipment the pedals). It has been mentioned multiple times in this forum that they ship ALL products together when everything is available, like also it has been mentioned that due to current circumstances globally the preorders are only estimated availability dates .

    Delivery Time

    When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose. Shipping date estimates will appear in the order form. After placing your order, you will see both shipping and delivery date estimates in the order confirmation e-mail and in the order summary in Your Account.

    If you wanted to get the base that was in stock first then place 2 separate orders. One for the base one for the pedals.

    Oh wait... But you didn't know that because you only found your way to this forum only to complain and say... "what gives".... bait and switch.... close your webshop.... Ridiculous blah blah blah...

    Let us start from the beginning on how to address in a general forum and then we can go to the next lesson which is not to blame the seller if you have made a mistake cause you don't know what pre-order means, estimate and availability date.

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    Alexandros - My issue was resolved by Dominic, showing excellent customer service. So no further issue. I will go on to say however, based on you telling me - the customer paying a large amount of money - I'm wrong, let me clue you in. You telling me it's my fault that etc etc, I sure as hell know what pre-order means. Show me the documentation posted ANYWHERE on Fanatec's site (NOT the forum that I shouldn't have to go to when ordering) that says 'if one of your items is not available, we'll hold the entire order' Go ahead, I'll wait. I would have been HAPPY to pay for EXTRA shipping, to get in stock items sooner, had I simply been informed that it would be the case. And yes, I did come to the forum to complain because I couldn't get in touch with ANYONE via the normal non-public channels. Thanks for playing along!

    Again - Thanks Dominic for the very prompt and excellent service. In fact based on this interaction I'm placing an additional order for another wheel. Thanks again!

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    Glad that Dominic helped you. As said before in other posts, this guy should be in the sales/customer service and not only in the forum community.

    Now going back to you and your issue on how to address a request politely on a public forum.

    It is your right to complain BUT your post and title had no courtesy, not any kind of politeness just a straight forward attack without giving time to anyone from Fanatec to get back to you even through this platform, hence my reply was on the same tone just for you to realize that the forum is not here to blow off steam.

    More over it shows that you still don't or you don't want to read what it is written. I have indicated a link from the US term and conditions regarding deliveries (and copy-pasted the part regarding deliveries and dates) but I guess you didn't bother reading. If you are not a US based customer happy to indicate you the paragraph from the EU terms and conditions stating that

    "5.4 The Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in the event of incorrect or improper self-supply. This only applies if the Seller is not responsible for the non-supply and if he has concluded a concrete hedging transaction with the supplier. The Seller shall make all reasonable efforts to obtain the goods. In case of non-availability or partial availability of the goods he shall inform the Client and grant him immediately counterperformance".

    or in the shipping section of T&C

    "We strive to ship your order immediately, if the goods are in stock."

    and also

    "Express shipping refers to the shipping time provided by our delivery partner and not to the processing time of an order".

    Which yes, due to the circumstances FANATEC right now (as explained by the CEO in another thread) is lacking on customer service and swift replies, but this again is not an excuse to be rude and using the language you have used. As much as frustrated you might be, remember manners.

    Once again, glad that Dom helped you and got your issue resolved. Hope you can enjoy your gear same like all of us other users here. Peace.

  • I think we're crossing lines here, and maybe I wasn't clear why I was upset. I was upset, because an item that says 'in stock ready to ship', was delayed because another item on my order wasn't in stock. I find it unacceptable to charge someone and hold their $, with no intent to deliver in stock goods. I get it the pedals weren't in stock, and thats cool. What isn't cool is denying me the rest of my in stock order with no option to split the order, pay more shipping, etc.

    Futhermore, I came to the forum after exhausting other options to contact the company with no success. We can agree to disagree, but in the end its my $ and my experience, and my expected goods in return.

  • The point of a forum IS to blow off steam! That's why they were created. The Romans created them for the very purpose of political and social debate. While I agree that swearing and personal attacks are unjustified, the OP is expressing a concern against a corporation who didn't deliver. This forum is full of them. If people want to blow off steam with others in the same situation, it's fair and lawful in my book and exactly what forums are created for.

  • Didn't say not be upset, I would be as well.

    Using the correct manners and words though to blow off steam would be the correct way to go.

    The Romans also when someone was misbehaving was thrown out from the forum never to come back, right? Which in our days is not done because or freedom of speech. What I pointed out (using the same harsh method the OP used so I can make him understand) was to remind him of manners and correct way of addressing issues. Which by his last answer didn't seem to understand so left it unanswered.

    At least he understood it by himself and changed the tittle and original post because his case most probably was solved, which on his defense not many are doing. Others are just leaving the negativism in the forum/web as a reminder of bad experience without writing the happy ending even if it took a bit longer. 😎

  • Alexandros -

    I understand completely. My point is, bluntly, that I don't care that you think I was rude. I'm a grown man, you're not my father, stop trying to teach me a child lesson, etc. But, thanks for the concern :)

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