Anyone using the latest CSP V3 pedal FW 1.35?

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Hey all,

Noticed there's new CSP V3 firmware 1.35 with recent official driver package 445. Improvements/updates are listed below.

Anyone using the latest 1.35? any comments on stability or improvement observations in console or PC? Most curious on first item, "Fixed brake input flickering of CSP V3".

I'm on 1.32 now working fine (with DD pro) , verifying if it's worth the update. Thanks!!

New driver 445 released

  • CS P V3: 1.35 (NEW)

Load Cell Pedals

  • Fixed brake input flickering of CSP V3.
  • Improved lower end dead zones to prevent ghost input.
  • Improved upper dead-zones in auto calibration to prevent saving a too high value if pressed hard against the end stop.
  • Improved standard values in automatic calibration so the first slight input is not directly at 100%.
  • Improved automatic calibration so short peaks at max against the end stops don't set a calibration which can't be reached anymore afterwards. Max input now needs to stay for ~2sec to get auto calibrated again.


  • I have updated to 1.35 and have noticed a delay of the brake pedal input.

    It seems like they have kind of implemented a first order lag filter for the brake pedal signal, which limits the ramp rate of brake input.

    I would not recommend to update unless you have encountered problems in the update log...

  • Thanks Pufang, appreciate you sharing your experience. I did notice your another post in regards, so I'm glad I did not update my new V3 to FW1.35 (still stock 1.32). Hope they get it fixed soon.

    BTW, not sure if you know, but does V3 pedal FW can be down-flashed to previous? i.e. go back from 1.35 --> 1.32? thanks.

  • yes me too , 1.35 is very smooth but very delay on brake (updated from 447)

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