Throttle pedal flickering

For weeks I have been desperate with the new CSL pedals with LC. I have the new 447 driver with the 1.8 pedal update, everything is new, but my accelerator pedal flickers extremely badly. I don't understand why they are brand new


  • Get ready for weeks upon weeks of them doing absolutely nothing to help you just assuming you must’ve done something wrong. There’s no possible way it could be their equipment. My throttle pedal didn’t work straight out of the box and I received it almost a month ago still don’t know what they’re gonna do!!!

  • Beware!

    I own the new McLaren wheel, CSL DD and CSL load cell pedals.

    They feel great and took my new hobby to another level after owning a T300 belt drive (which wasn’t that bad).  However the only FANATEC product I own that hasn’t failed is the DD wheel base.

    Within 4 months the McLaren wheel cracked at the shifter pivot point and where the QR is mounted. Following many delayed emails and being accused of over tightening, they accepted it was caused by a weakness and replaced the back half of the wheel.

    Soon after it was returned the load cell pedal completely failed.  As requested by FANATEC I sent video footage before sending the pedals back.

    I waited weeks before emailing them to ask when they will be returned. FANATEC claimed they could not fault them and they were sent back.  Within minutes I experienced the same issue. 

    Frustrations were building due to the failures experienced compounded by the very long response times by FANATEC when seeking help for new equipment that could not used.

    However I yet again send an email pleading for a remedy. While waiting for a response an electrical technician overheard what I experienced and offered to inspect.

    Minutes later the technician confirmed a faulty voltage regulator within the circuit board of the load cell brake pedal. I have been enjoying my sim racing ever since.

    My only regret is not doing more research before deciding to purchase equipment from FANATEC.

    Take a look at FANATEC’s own forum to see how many customers are experiencing the same issues.

    Regardless of the failures experienced I would not have written this if it wasn’t for the very poor customer service / response times.

    I only hope this gets better soon for FANATEC. At the moment they are making it easy for companies such as MOZA to take over.

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