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So does anything ever get resolved with this group because I will email and 2 maybe even 3 days later I will get a very vague response. I got the 2 days later response this morning and within a minute responded back. Only to be greeted with the same nothing. It's like I was given all this equipment and didn't pay for it. It's truly the most unprofessional I've ever been treated especially after spending so much money. Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!


  • You are not the only one, unfortunately. Fanatec's customer service is definitely not what you'd call "speedy". Speaking from personal experience, any issues I've had, have eventually been resolved, though it may have wound up taking longer than I'd liked.

  • Gary DonilonGary Donilon Member
    edited September 10

    You know I expect it to finally at some point be resolved but I’ve had my iracing membership for a month now and haven’t had a chance to enjoy it because of how slow these people are. and I still have no clue what will be done about it. last I heard they are suggesting fixing my brand new part that never even worked to begin with instead of giving me a brand new product. They’re acting as though they gave it to me half price or something. It’s completely mind boggling to me!!!!

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