V3 Inverted Clutch Pedal travel is extremely long an unrealistic


is there any way to change the "V3 Inverted Clutch Pedal" travel distance? As the OEM setups is completely unrealistic and have a travel from my living room to the bathroom. :D

I want to allign it to the brake pedal, like on my racecar. The only thing I found is this: https://imgur.com/gallery/il1ZeCX

But want to be sure this is the confimrd solution, and I need to take apart.

Thank you


  • If you are just trying to align the face of the clutch pedal to the face of the brake pedal then I would adjust the lower rod.

    But be sure to check if there is still room for the pedal to adjust towards direction you want it to go.

    I have the non inverted pedals and the heel plate and support bar for the circuit board/pedal inputs act as a natural min limiter.

    As far as throw distance. I dont see a way to adjust it without drilling holes in it.

    Its basically a limitation of that cantilever arm.

    Ironically, Im looking for a way to lengthen the throw of my non-inverted v3 pedals, which I mounted on the SimLab inverted pedal rack LOL

    I think the only way to solve our problems would be to trade cantilever arms, but i dont know that we would be satisfied with the new pedal travel distance and it would void our warranties.

  • I just thought of another thing you can do.

    Get a bigger clutch stop block.

    Maybe make 3d print one, make one out of wood or add spacers or washers to the underside of the block

    Its the little plastic block on the upper spring arm on the clutch that makes contact with the lower adjustable rod when the clutch is depressed

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