Bad experience of buying Fanatec products

Few weeks ago I bought the "Podium Racing Wheel F1" and "ClubSport Pedals V3" to play Gran Turismo 7 without any problems, and soon I bought "ClubSport Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R V2 for Xbox (Leather)", but a problem occurred.

I received a set of "ClubSport Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R V2 for Xbox" and after installing it, I found that the DD1 wheel base of "Podium Racing Wheel F1" cannot connected to the steering wheel often, sometimes it shows "Steering Wheel not supported! Please update the Firmware", sometimes it doesn't respond at all, sometime the wheel only show the logo of Fanatec, sometimes the DD1 LCD display will turn off and the fan will run at full speed, sometimes the DD1 and the wheel display both turn off, connect normally occasionally. Please note that the firmware of my full set Fanatec's product has been updated.

So, I put a support ticket on Fabatec website, the technical support team staff relay me and give me some suggestion to slove the problem, but not work. Then the staff of Fanatec's technical support team he told me send the "Podium Racing Wheel F1" and the full set of "ClubSport Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R V2 for Xbox (Leather)" back to the United States repaire center. But I'm not live in the United States, because there is no Fanatec sold agent where I live, so I order the Fanatec prodcut from United States transfer to me through a freight forwarder. If I want to direct send the above products back to the United States, the transportation cost is extremely high, and it will take a long time. During this period, I cannot use the steering wheel again to play racing games, so I came up with a few solutions to Fanatec, like sending me a PCB of "ClubSport Universal Hub V2 für Xbox" to me and replace by myself, or I don't mind spending extra money to order a "Podium Hub" try to solve the problem, because I already have a "QR1" from "ClubSport Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R V2 for Xbox (Leather)", so I don't need another "QR1", accordingly I ask technical support team can sell a "Podium Hub" without "QR1" to me, but unfortunately the Fanatec technical support team rejected all my suggestions and only replied to me with a bureaucratic attitude, not solving the problem from the customer's point of view. The rule is setted while human is negotiable. That famous brands can not care about the individual needs of customers?

I'm very disappointed that I didn't think about buying a brand new product that already has quality issues, but I don't want to chase anymore, I just want to solve the problem in the simplest and most convenient way without wasting any resources and time. Please keep in mind that this is not customer problem, it is the QC problem of Fanatec's products, which should not be borne by the customer. If you just play PC racing games or you can consider other brands, I know that some of the new brands are also very good in design and quality.

Because Fanatec only has its agents and repair centers in a few countries, many people cannot directly purchase their products. They need to go through a transshipment channel to purchase Fanatec products, there are big problems in repair and maintenance.


  • Please note that they reply me in latest email said because I have taken Fanatec products outside their business area, they cannot offer any service in my case. If you want to buy a Fanatec product outside of the their business area, please consider your own risk! 😰

  • I presume you knew this before you purchased? Fanatec not operating in your country obviously means no official support.

    BTW - presume you have updated driver and firmware? You are assuming that a new PCB and/or hub will fix your issue but what evidence leads you to that conclusion? To me this looks like you are running older driver that does not support your new wheel.

  • I'm not sure if what I'm thinking can completely solve the problem.

    The firmware of all Fanatec products on hand is up to date. Now I use Fanatec products for PS5 only.

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