Very strong rattle on CSL-DD


When encountering a strong signal (like ghoing into a wall in F1 22) the wheel just screams and it sounds very bad (I use Xbox Series X). The same happens when I connect to a PC and use the driver to test the force feedback at 100% strenght. I added the screw to the clubsport quick release but it did not help. I wonder if there is anything to do about it.

It is interesting that the wheel performs perfectly while I am on the track, and the FF feels great. It is only when strong signals (probably also sudden) are transmitted from the game or the driver.

Here is the video:


  • Hi,

    i have the same Problem. But it is only in F1 22 since Patch V1.10. It's very bad. I don't want kill the CSL DD. Driver is V447

  • Yes, only happenned after the patch.

    I now see reports about it in other forums and on youtube. Same issue exactly.

  • I’m getting the same thing since the new patch. I’m worried it’s doing damage to the wheel base.

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    The solution for now is in the force feedback settings in the game:

    Reduce "on track" and "off track" effects to 0. Has to be 0. This solves the problem until they fix this.

    See here:

  • I noticed the exact same thing after patch 1.10 when doing TT at Monaco where you often hit walls :(

    Do we know if this is actually going to damage the DD wheelbase?

    I was worried about it initially but was not sure if it was supposed to be reflective of the impact on a wall.

  • I am not sure about damaging the wheel. What I can say is that after I felt this, I decided to connect another wheel (I have the GT and the Formula v2.5). The effect was the same.

    Importantnly however, I then decided to connect to a PC and test the rattling using the "Test Force Feedback" option in the Fanatec driver. I had 100% FF feedback in the wheel menu, and when I clicked the test, the noise was exactly as in the game, which made me worried that something in the wheel was indeed damaged. Again, this was on the highest 100% force feedbak on the wheel setting, so it may be normal to have these sounds at this high settings. Not sure.

  • I noticed the exact same thing. I have DD PRO 8nm and ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X. 

    -Games - ACC, F1 22 and GT7 

    -Very strong rattle on DD PRO 8nm

    -Heavy rattling on rumble strips and 

    Test Force Feedback on PC is OK 

    Any solution pls ?? 

  • The metallic sound is made by QR1, this problem should be solved by QR2.

  • This was not due to the QR1 in this case. There was a problem at the F1 22 game in the last patch which was fixed this week. Problem solved.

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