CSL DD 8NM in game sensitivity.

I have a CSL DD 8nm and he McLaren GT3 V2 wheel. I've been using it in compatibility mode as recommended and it's been working absolutely fine. I switched everything on after about 2 weeks or so of not using it and for some reason my in game sensitivity seems really high. I only need to turn the wheel slightly and the in game wheel goes to full lock, it does this in every racing game I try. No settings have been changed either. I have tried reinstalling drivers and software plus updated to all the latest drivers but the issues is still there. I have tried it in PC mode and got it to work but it doesn't seem to work quite as well as compatibility mode. Anyone know of a possible solution?


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    One thing I forgot to mention is while testing it in the software the wheel rotation works absolutely fine. It matches what degree I have it set to, it's only while in games that it has issues.

  • It appears that you are using the same SEN value for each game. If you are using the inside view of the car, you should see that the virtual steering wheel is out of sync with the real one.

    You can set up to 5 custom profiles directly on the wheel, or use Fanalab to automatically load recommended settings every time you launch a game.

    Each game needs its own setup, but while the various filters present can vary the FFB experience, the first value, SEN, is essential because it adjusts the degrees of rotation of the wheel.

    The SEN value on the wheel must be the same as set in the game.

  • I've already tried what you've suggested but no luck.

  • I've got this problem on xbox. No matter what I set for wheel rotation in the in-game settings, the amount of in-game wheel motion is the same for a given fanatec sensitivity value. When I set sensitivity in the wheel to 1080, then the in-game wheel will do 180 degrees of rotation when the actual wheel does about 90. When I reduce the sensitivity all the way to the minimum value, I barely move the wheel to go full lock in the game. There is no setting which will show 1:1 ratio between CSL DD 8nm wheelbase and in-game wheel. This is true whether the game is configured for 270 degrees of rotation or 540 degree of rotation or anything in between. Game is f1 2022.

  • Try setting your in-game wheel to 360 and the wheel base to 2520. This is a known bug that Codemasters introduced in prior Xbox versions of the game and have yet to fix.

  • I've found that setting Assetto Corsa's wheel rotation to 360, in content manager, then my wheel to 360, 500, 900 or whatever the cars real rotation is creates a soft lock. Doing it this way also means no vibrating from the content manager's soft lock and no sudden drop off when the wheel reaches the cars maximum.

    I have a Fanatec DD1 with an F1 wheel and a universal hub. I tend to race classic f1 cars but some times race online. Changing the wheel's rotation works better.

    I hope this works for others too

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