DD Pro with G25 wheel

Hello. Apologies for the dumb question in advance. I got myself a dd pro 8nm gt ps wheel bundle. Its great so great in fact im building a dedicated arcade racing sega rally cabinet and i plan to use the wheel base. Sadly theres no wheel to my liking with a retro look on the catalog. Maybe the r320 but I much prefer the logitech g25 for looks and feel. I understand I will loose the hability to tune wheel on the fly and will be requires to use the software in the pc everytime. My question is can i hook up a g25 to a podium hub and just connect the 2 rim side buttons to it for the few games where i need them like mario kart for item use or any other game with a boost/nitro button?

Note: I dont have an option to delete post so i posted it on steering wheel sub forum section as it seems more appropriate. Can an admin or moderator delete this one please? Thx

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