DD Pro with G25 wheel

Hello. Apologies for the dumb question in advance. I got myself a dd pro 8nm gt ps wheel bundle. Its great so great in fact im building a dedicated arcade racing sega rally cabinet and i plan to use the wheel base. Sadly theres no wheel to my liking with a retro look on the catalog. Maybe the r320 but I much prefer the logitech g25 for looks and feel. I understand I will loose the hability to tune wheel on the fly and will be requires to use the software in the pc everytime. My question is can i hook up a g25 to a podium hub and just connect the 2 rim side buttons to it for the few games where i need them like mario kart for item use or any other game with a boost/nitro button

Note: I posted on general forum but this seems more appropriate place.


  • this should work, but it could be that the plugs of the buttons of the G25 do not fit, in that case you would have to get suitable plugs, or make the old plugs suitable. 

    The mounting holes of the G25 could also be a bit big, in that case you have to work with washers, or you build/print an adapter.

  • Yeah that wil take some custom work. Is there a way to use scripts to call a specific profile or settings?

  • I mean i understand fanalab does that but i assume its for games that support it? I am planning to use this for emulators like supermodel and model2 and teknoparrot.

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