Devise Mismatch

Hi Having a problem with Device Mismatch Steering wheel doesn't match

i have a WRC wheel with a csl dd. in Fanalab the wheel appears but on loading Content Manager game says device mismatch and the rev lights will not work in game.

i also have a Clubsport F1 wheel which works ok, have tried both modes on the wheel base.

Also when in Control Panel the rev lights will not work when being tested

Driver 447 Wheel base Steering wheel 4



  • It happens when you use fanalab. You have to turn the revstripe off and on again from the control panel, every time you turn on the wheelbase. It is the command above a revstripe test.

  • The RevStripe not working on WRC wheel is a known Firmware issue which will be fixed with the next driver and firmware release.

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