Fanatec Software on the Microsoft Store


This might have been asked in the past?

I do not own a windows based PC, I've been either Unix/Linux all my working life or Mac at home.

I've been borrowing my friends laptop to get updates. Now thats getting old for both of us.

I saw a deal on a Microsoft Surface Go 10" Tablet, Intel Pentium 4415Y, 4GB Ram & 64GB Storage for $160.

All I would use it for is the Fanatec wheel, pedals gears etc to update.

Because I'm no windows person, I would like to leave it in S mode, from what I read you can only install apps from the MicroSoft Store in this mode. If you take it out of S mode there is no way of going back.

First that seems odd, you think they would let you change back.

Anyway, is the Fanatec Lab software in the MicroSoft store, sorry I don't know how to check.

Is there a side loading method to install the software needed in S mode.

BTW, I'm aware of the WMWare Fusion and running Windows as a VM, I don't have a windows OS and also my iMac is on the other side of the house to the games room so for convenance the Surface would be great.

Thanks in Advance,


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