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i pre ordered the clubsport pedals several weeks ago expecting for it to be shipped out on June 5. On the day of June 5 my order was finally processed and the next day I received a notification from fedex saying a label had been created. Today is June 8 and fedex is still saying the same thing and from fanatec I haven’t received any information regarding my order. I am a little worried and was wondering if anyone is having the same issue?


  • It will probably go out at the end of the day today. That is how my shipment went week ago.

  • Does anyone have a phone number for Fanatec?

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    i ordered a CSL elite ps4 bundle at the weekend and was kind of expecting to get some updates today about shipping/tracking info.

    However, im in the same position as you. order status says "order processed" but nothing else. no shipping information or confirmation if dispatch.

  • Same here but ordered the CSL Elite F1 bundle on the 6th. Order is processed but nothing user on shipment. Hoping to get an update today but it may take another day or so.

  • Did you get email confirmation about the shipping?

  • I got a fedex email about label created on a Friday. It shipped on Monday. I finally got a Fanatec rep to send me the tracking number on Tuesday, after it had already shipped.

  • well i was a bit worried having read some of the comments on here about shipping, lack of response, order delays etc...

    I shouldnt have worried.

    Order placed Sunday

    Order processed Monday

    UPS email confirmation this morning.

    Delivery - Tomorrow :-)

    very impressive.

  • Update. Tracking info received and shipped yesterday. Will get it on Thursday. So far so good in terms of processing for products listed as in stock.

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    I made an order on June 4 #1093836 and it was processed that day or the next. The invoice says the order was processed and that the shipper is FedEx Ground and that the order is open.

    I still have not received the order. I have not received any email notifications from Fanatec or from FedEx. I tried calling Endor America LLC (Fanatec USA) and the message was that the number is no longer valid. I have sent emails to support and even to administration. No response.

    Fanatec received my money through PayPal on the 4th June, but I have no idea on when to expect my products, if at all.

    Plus, there is still the bizarre charges and curious math applied to the order. VAT in the USA?

    I don't like to complain, but I feel that we as consumers are due some respect when we spend our money with a merchant. We deserve good communication and attention to customer service. We deserve our purchased products to be shipped in a timely manner. It's 2020...

    We just want to use Fanatec products that we have already paid for. Please answer your emails, and please keep customers advised on order and shipping status. Fanatec will be rewarded with more business.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    "The enemy of progress is perfection. We need a done deal, not a perfect deal." Mark Cuban

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