Issues on ps5. Telemetry, Led's, FFB

Formula 2.5, DD Pro, CSL Load cell, PS5, ACC...all updated to latest firmware.

Have to say its a huge disappointment. Moving from TGT2 with SF1000 wheel. Was expecting the FFB to be superior. It's taken me a week to get the settings just drivable and that's with the Gain set to 40. Its the only way to stop oscillations with Dampening set to 150 in game and high in the Fanalab settings. But now the detail isn't there. So far got a better experience with the TGT2 which is half the price. I'll keep trying different things to improve but annoying there is no help anywhere about PS5 settings for this set up from Fanatec despite it being aimed at the console market specifically.

What's really baffled me is that using fanalab, none of the display changes seem to effect the wheel. Changing RPMs for the LED's do nothing. Changing the display priorities, (lap, Position, Gear) does nothing, or the colour of flag lights etc. I appreciate you need the game telemetry for this but it works flawlessly on the TGT2 with SF1000 wheel which has a massive screen for all sorts of telemetry so the console and game must be outputting the info. For the cost, you would expect the basics to work otherwise you may as well get the most basic wheel.

Am I missing something on Fanalab to "assign to wheel" or something? The usual tuning changes work real time from Fanalab to the wheel without "saving".

Any help at all would be great on FFB settings or LED's. Thanks


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    FanaLab is PC exclusive.

    Changes made in FanaLab on PC can not be saved to the device and are therefore not transferred to the console.

    SF1000 uses a totally different communication approach, not the way Fanatec devices are working.

  • Thanks Maurice for quick response. Thats a shame that none of the advertised functions work on Console. Maybe worth putting on the product page of the website to let people know before purchasing.

    Any idea when recommended FFB settings will be published for PS5? I know a lot of people are struggling reading various forums.

    Thanks Again.

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    For every major racing game on PS5 there are recommended settings available here in the forum.

    Regarding compatibility:

    • PlayStation: The functionality of this product on PS can be limited by the capabilities of the console (subject to firmware/OS changes and developer support). The full functionality can only be guaranteed on PC; this is also game-dependent. PlayStation 5: Check our platform compatibility page for more details.

    From the webshop page.

    Its nowhere advertised that FanaLab is supported on consoles.

  • Thanks Again. Do you have a link for PS5 settings on ACC. I can only find PS4. I have the same issues with those settings.

    I appreciate Fanalab is PC but with the v2.5 wheel, the RPM lights are set way off reality. about 1500 rpm out, so they are in effect incompatible as is the display info.

  • When the RPM lights are off then its the fault of the game developer which did not implemented them properly. Nothing Fanatec can do.

    Recommended settings for PS4 and PS5 for ACC are the same.

  • OK Thanks. Appreciate your time.

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