CSL DD 8NM Vibrating / Graining

Tonight my CSL DD 8nm started vibrating from the base, it is a constant vibration, changing settings like NFR worsens it but it does not go away.

When driving in ACC or F1 it feels like I am driving on gravel constantly, also the problem gets worse when I turn the wheel.

I think I managed to get it on cam: https://youtube.com/shorts/hXrY_xtlWck?feature=share

Does anyone have any suggestions, or should I RMA?


  • Mine does this but I only see it when there are no forces applied but I am ingame and don't feel it as when i touch the wheel the vibration stops and thus don't notice it when playing.

  • i have the same problem on GT7 and my DD PRO, with GR3 and GR4 the car seems alwais "on the gravel", the car doesn's steer correclty, i'm alwais large on the apex, it's impossible to drive!

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