CSL Load Cell Mods

Paul MsherPaul Msher Member
edited September 2022 in Pedals

Hi - What mods are people using for CSL Load Cell Brake Pedal? I've seen the 3DRap elastomers, which seem a tad expensive but are they worth the money?


  • Hey Paul. As others will tell you, desired brake feel is very subjective. I think it all comes down to how much brake travel you're looking for.

    I tried 3DRap = 2 x Linear on my CSL load cell. Gives much more travel than stock elastomer. I mainly went this direction for trail-braking, it's OK I'd say.

    But if I had to do it again, I would try 1 x Linear + 1 x Progressive. I think it give more versatility in trying different combinations with stock elastomer in my opinion.

    I agree, 3DRap is very expensive for what it is (shipping cost doesn't help). I tried various local hardware solutions, but in the end wasted time and spent money that could have gone towards 3DRap :-)

    Having said all of that, be sure to give time with stock CSL load cell before spending. To be honest, I may go back to stock setup after months of trials.

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